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/ Mar 29 2015


Wow pretty much sums up the drama of this incredible necklace. I went to the store to pick it up which they just got it in and both were scooped up immediately. So I came home and ordered it, I was every bit satisfied when I open the box and even more when I tried it on! It is a major statement piece and it does drape close to the navel. you will not need any other accessary with this, I did purchase the beautiful open crochet sweater type vest by Angel of the North and that sweater vest screams to be worn with this necklace it is beautifully view more made for the price it looks like a lot more then $98.Must must have!


/ Apr 02 2015

unique and long statement necklace

This is a great, light-weight, statement necklace. It is long...it extends to my waist. It is also wide and fills out my torso. The only problem with this is its ability to crack. I would not travel with this or wear it with any cross body earrings online purse that might become entangled with the necklace. It would look amazing on a taller gal, but is not bad on me at 5'6" with flats. I think that this would not work on a petite person as it would be too overwhelming.

It is a mix of horn and metal and is just lovely.

I recommend buying this one, particularly if you are tall and like neutrals.


/ Jun 17 2015

Show Stopper

This lovely Horn Swirl Necklace caught my eye as I was walking past the store. I went into the store it was the last one available of course I purchased it! One the best purchases I've made at ANTHO..When I wear it I get so many compliments! It's a SHOW STOPPER FOR SURE .

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/ May 18 2015

A pretty neutral

I had high hopes for this piece and it didn't fail to deliver. The beads have a decent enough weight; you know it's there but it's not so heavy as to become bothersome after wearing it for a while.

As you can see, there are a number of various beads in the necklace, along with 3 chains. The beads offer a delightful little neutral, which makes this a great necklace to wear with a variety of different colors. It lays well and requires no fussing. I imagine it will be a piece I choose to wear on many occasions to come.


/ Apr 20 2015


This is a substantial necklace, the beads are all metal or stone and is quite heavy. Seems very well made and easy to dress up or down. It's a good piece for the fall and winter especially, it will hold it's own against a thick sweater and layering pieces. I love the sparkle in it as well.


/ May 09 2015

Ordered this online because it looks very good, and it's even better that I thought.

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/ Jun 08 2015

These are so delicate and effortlessly beautiful. Such a great purchase that I can wear with anything! It is so classic while being fresh and new at the same time.


/ Jun 08 2015


Dainty earrings. Nice length. Perfect to dress up or down.


/ May 25 2015

Delicate and pretty

These earrings are delicate, subtle, and pretty! They go with everything I have and look good with hair up or down. They add just the right amount of accessory.

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/ Jun 14 2015

Perfect necklace! Pairs up well with a dress or a t-shirt jeans. Recommend!!!


/ May 16 2015


I couldn't agree more with the previous reviewer - I'm obsessed too! This is the most perfect everyday bracelets for women necklace. Simple, yet unique. I love it so much that I bought 2 - the chain is extremely thin and delicate and I'd be so upset if it breaks, so I got an extra one as insurance...or it will be a beautiful gift for a friend!


/ Apr 29 2015

So cute!

I got this little necklace at thee Anthro store - I'm obsessed it with. It's delicate and it sparkle nicely. The pictures online do not do justice to how cute it looks in perfect. It's perfect to layer or to wear alone!

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/ Jun 03 2015

A hidden gem

At first glance this necklace looks like a simple rope hanging around the neck. Kinda neutral, kinda boring, right? Why would anyone buy this, and certainly not for a hundred dollars! But if you actually put this necklace around your neck and wrap fold the one strand over the other so that it's hanging in a simple knot (like the first half of tying a shoelace), you will see what this necklace is really capable of. It hangs in simple elegance and because it's completely flexible, you can tie the "knot" anywhere you please - high, low, wherever, according to your neckline. If you like the long lean look, this necklace is for you. It's simply fabulous and sooo functional! Love the tassels on each end too. The chain is made of a simple, comfortable metal (although it doesn't look or feel like metal); rose-gold is an appropriate color name b/c it has a glint of gold throughout, even though the chain itself is primarily a skin-colored pink. It's truly unique and a very, very ingenious necklace IMO. I pondered buying it for a month before I actually caved. So glad I did. Random side note- my 5-year-old autistic son who never notices any jewelry I wear, seemingly likes this necklace. Whenever I have it on, he likes to play with the tassels on the end... as if he's fascinated by the look feel. Ha! Me too, kid. Me too.

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/ Jun 08 2015

Simply stunning

I picked this up a few times in the store and finally purchased. So glad I did! This tiered necklace is simple and stunning with a lovely light catching quality. It is easily paired with everything from workday attire to jeans, even weekend rompers. The gorgeous pendant falls in just the right place and allows the eyes to cascade from one tier to the next, the asymmetrical beading bothered me at first but with each wearing I like this uniqueness. The top of the chain where all chains meet did tangle on me while I was wearing at a party, I think that was more due to movement than the necklace itself.


/ May 20 2015

Pairs well with my outfits!

Love this necklace! I tend to wear simple outfits, so this delicate piece is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I love the layers, and the honeycomb labradorite pendant is absolutely stunning!

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/ May 21 2015

Beautiful Studs

These earrings are gorgeous. They are a bit smaller in real life than they look on the website so you cant see the detail of the flaws in the stone unless held right up to your eyes. But they add a pop of color to every outfit and are absolutely beautiful.


/ May 04 2015

Simple and Elegant

Gorgeous color blue that gives a pop to any outfit.

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They say diamonds are a girl?s best friend ? but don?t forget about topaz, pearls, crystals, and the plethora of other materials your accoutrements can be composed of. Make a statement or add a new spin to your favorite outfit with some of our unique jewelry for women. You will find endless options from numerous designers in styles ranging from rings for women vintage to fashion ? it?s all about the vibe you?re going for. Piece together a laid-back look with some flair using our Ceramic Feather Pendant Necklace ? or check out the Skye Necklace if fringe is your thing and you?re going for something more bold. Or emanate some gypsy-chic energy with the Gold Dot Bangles ? they?re simple but can really add another layer to your appearance. For a more formal getup, you can include the Dorado Crystal Bib Necklace to your attire and add some elegance and distinctive style. Rest assured, you will find the perfect counterpart to your ensemble.


Navajo sues Urban Outfitters over product names

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -  The Navajo Nation has sued Urban Outfitters online jewelry store Inc. months after the tribe sent a cease and desist letter to the clothing retailer demanding it pull the "Navajo" name from its products.

The lawsuit filed late Tuesday in U.S. District Court in New Mexico alleges trademark violations and violations of the federal Indian Arts and Crafts Act, which makes it illegal to sell arts or crafts in a way to falsely suggest they're made by American Indians when they're not.

The tribe has about 10 registered trademarks on the Navajo name that cover clothing, footwear, online retail sales, household products and textiles. Tribal justice officials said they're intent on protecting what they believe are among the tribe's most valuable assets.

"The fame or reputation of the Navajo name and marks is such that, when defendant uses the 'Navajo' and 'Navaho' marks with its goods and services, a connection with the Navajo Nation is falsely presumed," the lawsuit states.

Urban Outfitters set off a firestorm of criticism last year with its line of Navajo-branded clothing and accessories -- particularly underwear and a liquor flask, which the tribe said was "derogatory and scandalous," considering the sale and consumption of alcohol is banned on the reservation that spans parts of northeast Arizona, southeast Utah and northwest New Mexico. The company removed the product names from its website after acknowledging receipt of the cease and desist letter.

But the Navajo Nation wrote in its lawsuit that products with the Navajo name still are sold through other company brands, like Free People, in catalogs and retail stores.

The clothing boutique's website features several pieces of jewelry labeled vintage Navajo with turquoise stones and silver. A description for a handmade cuff says it originally was sold at a trading post, and has etched arrow detailing with a "sterling" stamp on the back.

There was no sign of the word "Navajo" on any products at an Urban Outfitters in downtown Tempe late last week.

The Philadelphia-based company did not respond to messages seeking comment Wednesday.

Company spokesman Ed Looram said in an email last October that Urban Outfitters had no plans to alter its products.

"Like many other fashion brands, we interpret trends and will continue to do so for years to come," he said. "The Native American-inspired trend and specifically the term 'Navajo' have been cycling thru fashion, fine art and design for the last few years."

He later declined further comment, saying the matter was in the hands of legal counsel.

Susan Scafidi, who directs the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University's law school in New York, said Urban Outfitters could point out the name changes in certain items in response to the tribe's original objections. The "Navajo Hipster Panty" and the "Navajo Print Fabric Wrapped Flask," for example, later appeared on the company's website as "printed" instead of "Navajo."

Other defenses include claiming no likelihood of consumer confusion between an authorized Navajo clothing item and the panty, using alternate spellings of "Navajo" and arguing that the contested product isn't a handicraft, she said.

But she and New York-based fashion lawyer Joseph F. Murphy Jr., agree the trademark infringement is clear. Both pointed to a history in view more which the Navajo Nation lost real property and now is fighting to protect intellectual property.

"That's what disgusts me about this situation," Murphy said. "I, like many people, thought it would have been resolved. This uniquely talented writer writes insightful information regarding Fashion buzzer and in some cases on Indian Fashion Jewellery.But apparently Urban Outfitters declined to write the big apology and may have to write the big check."

The Navajo Nation's objections to traditionally styled beaded earrings or a hacienda bag that don't carry the tribe's name are much less likely to succeed, Scafidi said. But she said it shows a pattern that could influence a jury, which the tribe has requested in its lawsuit.

"Imagine all of those products piled on a table in the courtroom, looking like Santa Fe meets New York's notorious Canal Street or Beijing's Silk Market," she wrote in an email.

Tuesday's action isn't the first time the Navajo Nation has asserted its trademarks, though it had never taken action in federal court, said tribal Department of Justice attorney Brian Lewis. The tribe successfully forced the cancellation of a "Navaho" trademark last year. In the event you wish to have alot more answers associated with SITE TOPIC GOES HERE , visit or alternatively quickly.that was used by a French company doing business in the United States. The tribe argued the name was phonetically identical and infringed on its trademark.

The tribe licenses its name to other businesses in exchange for a share of their profits, and it has identified about two dozen companies it believes are violating the Navajo trademark. Lewis said letters and phone calls typically convince others to stop infringing on the tribe's rights.

He said the widespread use of the word "Navajo" on products does not make it an acceptable practice, nor does it go unnoticed. But he Cheap Fashion Jewellery said the tribe's resources are limited and the Navajo Nation must prioritize the actions it takes.

"In this case, the level and degree of egregious behavior and harm to the Navajo Nation factored heavily into the Navajo Nation's decision to act," he wrote in an email to The Associated Press.

The lawsuit seeks monetary compensation and an order permanently enjoining Urban Outfitters from using the name "Navajo" or variations of it on its products.


How To Find Handmade Jewelry - Proven Strategies Revealed

Have you ever considered buying handmade jewelry? This is a popular market that has been around for quite a while. The thing about it is there is almost too many choices for people which can make things very confusing. Finding the type of jewelry that you like is not that hard, as long as you look at what is available to purchase. This is actually great news! You will have more choices to choose from than you thought were actually available. Even though some of you will already know how to find this type of jewelry, this article will help you improve your ability to locate Fashion Jewellery stores that you will love.

There are so many printed magazines in circulation that whole stores are devoted to them. This is only good news for customers because it makes it much easier to find magazines that are devoted to the things in which we are interested. I have seen more than one magazine devoted to jewelry and handmade jewelry. There are advertisements all throughout these magazines. A lot of it is for the supplies that jewelry makers need. But you'll also see ads that are running for jewelry makers who have found some modicum of success. This means that you can shop there and find plenty of really great handmade jewelry.

One area of magazine publishing that is related to handmade jewelry is trade magazines. Visit article author jasmine campbell's webpage fashion jewellery stores india.These magazines are incredibly common and more magazines come out every single day. While these are primarily for retailers and jewelry crafts makers, you can also find ads that are selling handmade jewelry. This kind of magazine is harder to find in bookstores, but it is possible. What you need to do is find the bigger publications because they'll have a better circulation volume. Every magazine operates on advertising money and this is why you will see all sorts of ads from people who want to sell their jewelry.

When you want to find handmade jewelry that is both beautiful and unique, you need to avoid commercial and chain stores. For one thing, pretty much all of them refuse to even think about selling handmade jewelry. It's possible, once in a while, to find some things in smaller http://www.blackmodelspicture.net/new/new-jewellery-design.html and regional jewelry stores but these stores don't usually carry national recognition.

Some of these outlets get involved with the handmade jewelry because they understand that there is a market for it. It's definitely worth shopping in the smaller family based jewelry stores that you find. It's also possible to find things just by looking through your local yellow pages. Chances are great that you'll find plenty of handmade jewelry sellers.

It is not always so obvious about where to find handmade jewelry for a lot of reasons. Just knowing where to get this type of product is what is important to know. Keep your eyes peeled for this type of jewelry at all times if possible. You do this because, at some point, you may find jewelry like this in locations that you probably would have ignored. You will be able to create a list of places, over time, that have the merchandise that you want.


Indo-Western Sherwani for Indian Grooms

Indian weddings are world famous for its grandeur, colors and glitter. Different culture, rituals and traditions followed during Indian weddings make the ceremony more special and unique. Every Indian wedding involves numerous ceremonies that result in large get-together, dinners and parties. This calls for a huge requirement of different style of dressing for each function and therefore demands for a large selection of shopping.

Bridal jewelry combined with wedding ensembles play an essential role for a bride, but for the groom it is not the same. Without much of accessorization, a groom has to look his best in wedding sherwani or Indo-western sherwani that will help him garner all limelight. For the wedding day, a groom can choose a wedding sherwani enriched in hues like, maroon, beige, off white and ivory. On the other hand, reception ceremony is all about a contemporary urban chic look; hence the groom can wear a well tailored Indo-western sherwani.

Choosing wedding attire is not an easy job for the groom. Traditional wedding sherwanis qualify as the best option for the groom's wedding. With the latest trends in fashion, modern day grooms prefer comfortable clothing with some touch of elegance. This makes Indo-western sherwani designs as the next obvious choice. The increasing preferences for Indo-western sherwanis have encouraged menswear designers to experiment extensively with the silhouette. New innovative cuts, different styles of collars, stylish sleeves and use of stunning buttons have created many innovative designs in Indo-western sherwanis.

Being. for everybody who is fascinated by SITE TOPIC GOES HERE, find out more about and also .

the perfect fusion of Indian and western wear, Indo-western sherwanis worn by the groom enhance his personality and overall appeal. A groom sporting an Indo-western sherwani will show his unique sense of style, confidence and sophistication. Latest trends in Indo-western sherwani designs highlight fabrics and colors that represent the fusion of modernity and ethnicity. To get a grip on important tutorials about and in some cases on , have a look at these excellent webpages.The fabric range includes finely woven silk, woven silk and brocades; dipped in shades of olive green, turquoise, navy, ivory and beige. Indo-western sherwani with high neck collar with antique buttons, antique brooch, when paired with patiala pant or dhoti pants create an extraordinary look; perfect for reception and cocktail party. Embroidery work done on sherwanis authentically enriches the look of the outfit. There is a huge demand of designer wedding sherwanis and Indo-western sherwanis. The designer sherwanis are available in a variety of styles, patterns, colors and designs which can Online sales be customized according to the preference of the groom.

According to the latest trends, the groom chooses to wear traditional Indian outfits like churidar kurtas, pathani suits with crushed stoles for pre-wedding ceremonies like engagement. On the other end, the bride can dress in beautifully designed anarkali salwar kameez for wedding functions like mehendi and sangeet. Designers creating various styles and patterns in bright color palette like fuchsia, scarlet, beige, tangerine, emeralds and violets that enhance the beauty and personality of the bride. Designer wear umbrella style anarkali salwar kameez suits in flirtatious silhouettes and vivid hues are the latest designs that are mostly favored by brides nowadays.

With new fashion trends getting launched every season, wedding market is buzzing with emerging demands from the brides and grooms. This in turn will help in escalating the wedding wear market.

Author's Bio: 

Utsav Fashion, a leading online store, offers a wide collection of Anarkali Salwar Kameez, tunics, Indo Western Sherwani as well as accessories. The site has a user-friendly interface, where you can make online purchases of ethnic apparel and offer speedy delivery across many countries the globe over.


Utilizing For Your Web Printable Discount Codes And Coupons

Web areas. Hosting. Content. These are the three top priorities for any webmaster, no how experienced they generally. Unfortunately, these three essentials often leave people a dark, because are a hundred companies offering the "same" packages for different prices. In the event you want significantly more critical information pertaining to SITE TOPIC GOES HERE , check-out and / or maybe immediately.With an overflow of routes may take, it is able to get incredible to determine the appropriate steps. For this reason, instructions are essential if you're searching for a smooth path.

The websites like Snapdeal in Chennai now offer Flipkart Discount Coupons and traditional shopping in Chennai. In fact the shoppers can now get these coupons and discount codes on their mobile units. In some http://www.medianama.com/2014/05/223-flipkart-enforcement-directorate-fema/ of the cases the online stores also tie lets start on the can i get excellent of buyers by offering discounts inside the forthcoming requests.

Police and other government agencies have a location to sell items they detained criminals convicted. Visit this amazing car auctions, jewelry, perhaps even find a greaet deal with issues such as airplanes.

Get social with you buy power. Visit manufacturer sites on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Sometimes social media shopping is the only method get some discounts and coupons. You can even win free, such as today's Melissa and Doug Cyber Monday contest for you is chance to to win every hour and Flipkart Coupons posted.

Every parent-to-be is best ; you'll be. The trick is to discover the most out from the budget. In the beginning it looked different local factories selling baby strip. You can often get a reduced offer, ideas that are in good condition. For anyone looking of a really good offer, as the web. There are regarding different baby sites, a few of which are solution of deep discounts. If e-coupon service, you potentially coupon codes to save even more items that ought to be with you'll. Most of these services are free of charge to use and can help you save hundreds of your favorite baby gear. Also you can try a sale site like eBay. I ran across some good deals on things that are bigger need daily, like bottles http://yourstory.com/2014/07/flipkart-funding-timeline/ and bibs.

Discount coupons are probably the most way to draw discount; you just need in order to a certain code which are available from the company at the respective place and you cash in on some discount. Flipkart Coupon are you can find at product businesses and these are distributed each morning market by affiliates. Consequently it is a quality idea to obtain one affiliate store online. Search for special coupon codes and collect these codes for future use. Some coupons should certainly be used in combination with in a stipulated dating. In such case, try in order to your profit by using these printed limitations. In many cases you may find printable online codes from Quiznos and are usually launched involving market to their customers fair number of discount every single purchase. Ensure that what associated with coupon codes you are utilising and how effective they're.

Try your trial pair or the prescription he gave you for a week or two (following the wearing schedule). You need to make sure that the vision is crisp as well as the lenses are happy.

However, pizza coupons, sandwich coupons, and burger coupons truly works and you will see an individual use one for your purpose. There are several online resources available provide you what you want. But at my opinion it is always preferable to collect coupons from authentic online sources so an individual get valid and updated coupons. Now it is time to make it worse the all of discount coupons to get consistent special discounts. Never hesitate using per year coupon should be competent are promotional offers as well as in order to. If you decide you wish to have significantly more information and facts concerning SITE TOPIC GOES HERE come to or even instantly.take you some rate reduction. I have found a superior resource offers you valid and fresh fast food discount coupon codes.

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